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2-3 Year Olds

1:5 Teacher-to-Student Ratio

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Topics We Cover

Receptive/Expressive Communication  |  Reading ComprehensionNumeracy  |  Data Analysis/Measurement  |  Self-Regulation  |  Dramatic Play

A 2-year-old’s imagination is in full swing. Make-believe and imaginary play are hallmarks of children at this age. Speech is becoming clearer and there is an enhanced ability to manipulate items. The ability to draw and do simple puzzles also begins to emerge at this age. It is imperative that your child’s teacher and daycare center participates in their imagination and identify activities that continue to support your child’s development. Milestones for your child age 24 to 36 months include:

  • Children show more and more independence
  • Says sentences with 2 to 4 words
  • Repeats words overheard in conversation
  • Begins to run
  • Makes or copies straight lines and circles
  • Dresses and undresses self
  • Understands words like “in”, “on”, and “under”

It is important that your child learns the early foundations for literacy. Our goal is to have your child reading age appropriate materials before they reach kindergarten. We use technology and objective testing methods to track your child’s progress. Contact our daycare center today to find out more.