The Summer Tutorial Program focuses on remediation and skills building in reading, math and language arts. A computer generated assessment tool is used to identify the specific needs of each program participant. Computer programs such as Starfall, Study Island Poptropica and Fun Brain are utilized in the program. These applications build individual skills and they allow the teacher to track the student’s progress during the summer. The applications also allow the information to be forwarded to the child’s school in the fall so the child can continue to build on their progress made in the Tutorial Program.

The reading portion of the program is a major component of our Tutorial Program. The reading program objectives focus on six (6) main areas.

Concepts of Print

Children learn book awareness, identification of pictures, letters, words, how to follow words from left to right and top to bottom and develop an understanding that printed materials especially books provide information.

Phonemic Awareness

Children begin to identify words that rhyme, sounds at the beginning and ending of words, and they learn to count syllables in a word.

Alphabet Awareness

Children demonstrate recognition of alphabets in sequence , and the ability to match all upper and lower case letters correctly.

Sound and Symbol Awareness

The students learn to identify letters and sounds and match beginning sounds and letters.

Vocabulary and Concept Development

Children are able to read basic sight words, categorize objects and begin to understand positional words.


Children begin to understand story structure and can sequence a story.

Most children who attend our Tutorial Program will improve their reading level and reading comprehension skills by a minimum of one (1) full grade level when they return to school in the fall.