When work and busy schedules interfere and overlap, you need a day care center that you can rely upon, that always has the best interests for you and your child. With our after school care, you can expect a number of things, because at Education Depot, we:

  • Offer a safe environment that fosters optimal development.
  • Employ a sufficient number of qualified, well-trained staff.
  • Encourage staff-parent interaction.
  • Balance activities to include structured and unstructured time, teacher-directed and child-initiated experiences, and a range of activities.
  • Capitalize on the interests of the children and opportunities for informal, social learning.
  • Communicate clear, consistent expectations and limits to children.
  • Provide indoor and outdoor space for active play, and places for socialization and private time.

Interested in enrolling your child in after school care? Get in touch with our day care center and preschool today!