We believe that engaging the creative mind is as important as learning the academic basics. This helps a
child to view the world differently and is the beginning of critical thinking skills and problem solving.

  • Reading – Between the Lions, Starfall & Scholastic programs.
  • Music Appreciation & Education: Plays, Music, and Dance Instruction.
  • Technology Instruction (Computers).
  • Keyboarding and navigation via online educational programs:
  • Starfall
  • Study Island
  • Poptropica
  • Fun Brain
  • Financial Literacy: Pre-K

Financial Literacy

Children begin to understand notions of cost and value in their preschool years. These activities will help
introduce money basics and put young children on the path toward financial literacy. Topics include:

  • Making Spending Decisions
  • Spending Plans
  • Earning Money
  • What is Money?